Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Amiga

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Posted by thevoice at 2022-12-20 16:12:36:

@mishRa they are disbled because these disks can just install the game to your harddrive. so for the use with the launcher & online database they are entirely useless.

Posted by mishRa at 2022-12-19 16:39:58:

Why are the IPF variants unpublished? The entries are correct.

Posted by amigafreak68k at 2013-10-11 16:34:56:

@FrodeSolheim - I've tried to copy the (installed) fonts folder to the installation folder of the game. But the game want's the "Fonts:" assign as you wrote. In the mean time i've send you all five installs for "Tornado AGA"

Posted by FrodeSolheim at 2013-10-11 16:06:02:

@amigafreak68k Okay, starting the game is not necessarily a problem anyway wink The font might be a bit more difficult, the "HDinst" feature isn't fully developed (it can't cope with all cases). I would try to include the fonts folder with the font file (but only with the installed font, delete any other font). Perhaps that would work... (but the HDinst feature might have to assign Fonts: as well).

Posted by amigafreak68k at 2013-10-11 15:57:46:

@FrodeSolheim - This could be a problem. After intallation of Star Trek 25th Anniversary the game starts by itself frown. I've found another problem in this install. There installs a font (StarTrekTiny.font) into "Fonts:". Without this font the game doesn't start. How to fix this problem?

Posted by FrodeSolheim at 2013-10-11 15:51:32:

@amigafreak68k No, that's not a problem. I have written a program which creates a config/variant based on a zip-file, and the .uaem files are ignored smiley (Actually, they are checked for file comments in case the install requires file comments to be present). The program isn't really ready for distribution, but if you send me the zipped folder somehow, I can create a variant from it!

Tip: Don't start the program after installing it, as running the program for the first time might create additional files (or modify existing ones). Just zip it down on the host side first before testing it smiley

Posted by amigafreak68k at 2013-10-11 13:30:44:

@FrodeSolheim - I want to create a HDInst config for this game. There are ".uaem" files in the resulting folder. Is this a problem for the checksum and should I delete them? I doesn't found a documentation for creating HD installs frown

Posted by FrodeSolheim at 2013-01-16 21:23:58:

I reset longplay_url, the video was not from the Amiga version. It isn't important to link to longplays, so if there's no Amiga version there's no need to add a link.

Posted by FrodeSolheim at 2012-12-23 14:54:18:

I have marked them as bad (and you can do the same). A future filtering system will then hide or remove these (there's not a delete system in place yet).

Posted by FrodeSolheim at 2012-12-10 21:59:58:

Adjusted contrast of cover image

Posted by FrodeSolheim at 2012-12-08 22:49:25:

Yes, I agree that this should be considered copy protection.

Posted by FrodeSolheim at 2012-11-27 19:39:23:

@nexusle: You are right, I forgot to document one thing. I have made a feature, so you can specify more than 8192 KB fast_memory. If fast_memory > 8192, then then Launcher will automatically select A1200/020 and use Zorro III fast memory instead to make that possible smiley

Posted by FrodeSolheim at 2012-11-26 18:48:07:

WHDLoad-versions will be added in not long, btw!

Posted by FrodeSolheim at 2012-11-26 18:39:05:

I agree. These configurations have been included because the automated system cannot tell that this is a problem (it could perhaps infer it from the "HD" tag in the TOSEC name...). I was thinking that perhaps a rating system could be used to filter these out (people giving negative votes, dislikes, thumbs down, or something along those lines).