Space Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter Amiga

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Six years after its first appearance, the classic sci-fi send-up is back with a vengeance. Equipped with an all-mouse game system, and shrill Nineties graphics is sets out to enrapture the next generation of players.

Prepare to save the world, well Xenon, our hero's home planet, as Roger Wilco tumbles into The Sarien Encounter. Inconveniently for Roger - he's in the middle of a nap - the universe has chosen this exact moment to begin falling apart. No more sleep for Roger.

Full to the brim with Hitchhiker-type humour, it puts the threadbare fabric of recent adventures to shame. It should be an integral part of every ambitious collection, if you have an A3000. Everyone else will be sorely tired by long loading sessions, slow animation and gritty graphics. Sci-fi fanatics must play it, others still can, though Sierra should do their homework and deliver versions that are as much fun on a standard Amiga because they deserve to remain classics.