Ork Attack: The Return Amiga

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Developer:Ian West
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1994 saw the release of Action game called Ork Attack: The Return on the Amiga systems, created and published by Ian West for free as a Public Domain.

Essentially this is a game in which the player patrols the top of the castle and drops rocks onto the Orkish enemies who are trying to scale the wall. Should an Ork make it to the top then the player can call for their trusty sword and chop of the offending invaders head. What makes this game difficult is that there can only ever be one rock on screen at a time and while the player is holding their sword no new rocks will appear.

Randomly throughout the game a chief Ork will appear. They ascend slower than their companion Orks and can only be killed by dropping a rock on their head. If a chief makes it to the top then it's game over. Between levels there is a time limited bonus round where the player must sweep defeated Ork bodies into the moat.