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And the subject of this week's platform game is... matter reorganisation. Eh, wait a minute – what is that all about, then? Well, the main character in Millennium's new AGA-only release is a blob, similar to the one from System 3's Putty. This blob has the excellent party trick-type ability to change (or morph, hence the name) into any one of four states: gas, liquid, rubber or solid.

Using this amazing ability, the idea is to make your way through 36 levels of puzzles and traps. Some traps will only snag you if you are in a particular state: for example, the spike will burst a rubber ball, and the extractor fan will suck any passing gas into oblivion. Sometimes it is necessary to fall through a grid, which is only possible for a liquid, whereas you need to be a gas to climb up a pipe. These puzzles and traps seem simple to negotiate, but given that you have a fixed number of 'morphs' things get more difficult.

Morph is expertly designed and programmed. The A1200 game has an extra 12 levels and 256-colour graphics throughout. The extra levels make the game more difficult, so Millennium have responded to complaints that the original was too easy. A1200 owners will relish it.