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Developer:Vulcan Software Ltd.
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The last commercial flight simulator to be released for the Amiga for at least ten years, JetPilot offered simulation of two NATO combat air planes that were already well on their way of being replaced in most air forces around the world (A bit like the Amiga at that point in time, the cynical reader might think), namely the English Electric Lightning and the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. Additionally, the aging MiG-21 is on offer for that retro Warzaw Pact taste.

Branding itself as "The pinnacle of realistic flight simulation", JetPilot makes no attempts to conceal the intricacies of real-life piloting. The aircraft are available in a wide range of different specifications, along with real-life airfields from around northern Europe. The environment may be fine-tuned to your preferences, not only for time of year and day, but also for temperature, winds and air pressure. Communications between aircraft and with the tower is also handled with accuracy, and with a bit of Vulcan Software's trademark speech technology.

Striving for realism, JetPilot does what no other Amiga simulator had done before by ignoring digital joysticks. Mouse or analogue joystick are your only main control options, with the mouse also being used for moving your head around the cockpit and accessing its functions. The keyboard is also put to ample use.

Despite being a late release, JetPilot still clings to the proven filled polygons for graphics rendition, but offers support for higher resolutions and flicker-free graphics on applicable machines.