Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis The Action Game Amiga


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Score: 7.1
Publisher:U.S. Gold

Guide Indy and Sophie through 6 distinct levels in this isometric action-adventure. You must escape the casino, find the hidden submarine base and stop the Nazis from getting a powerful new weapon!

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A few thousand years ago, Atlantis sank to the ocean floor. With it sank the secret of the most destructive force on earth. But the Nazis have rediscovered the lost kingdom, and they'll soon have a bomb that can end World War II in fifteen minutes. Unless Indiana Jones gets in their way... — Back of game box

The game is based on the original story from its graphical point-and-click adventure cousin. The plot is set in the fictional Indiana Jones universe and revolves around the eponymous protagonist's global search for the legendary sunken city of Atlantis. Sophia Hapgood, an old co-worker of Indiana Jones who gave up her archaeological career to become a psychic, supports him along the journey. The two partners are pursued by the Nazis who seek to use the power of Atlantis for warfare, and serve as the adventure's antagonists.

You start off in a casino in Monte Carlo, where you must beat the house and get enough money to purchase artifacts and weapons. Then, you need to escape the casino (not via the front entrance) and get aboard a submarine to start looking for the lost Atlantis.

Apart from the same high-level plot and the fact that it share the name with the adventure version, this game bears very little resemblance to it, and the game only loosely follows the Fate of Atlantis story. Don't expect too many adventure elements - though there are some puzzles in the game.

The action game uses an isometric view for the entire game consisting of 6 distinct levels. While the isometric view is refreshing, the graphics does look a bit dated on the Amiga, and especially the title screen is a disappointment with much fever colors used than the Amiga is capable of displaying.