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Pressing F10 during play displays a hidden message or Easter Egg from the author.

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Publisher:Visionary Design
Developer:Visionary Design
Players:1 - 2 (2 simultaneous)

Rock out to the amazing music and sound effects whilst flying your space ship at lightening speed across the screen collecting pods and racking up your score. It's like having the Arcade on your home television set, and did we mention up to 125 enemies on screen at the same time!

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  • Fight up to 128 intelligent enemies simultaneously.
  • Infinitely progressive difficulty on 3 skills levels.
  • Team, Competition, and Single Player modes.
  • Blistering action - high speed machine code.
  • Special powers include: Shields, Autofire, Missiles, SmartBombs and Cloaking Devices.
  • Stunning sound track and incredible Special F/X.

The explosion of the planet Xerxes plunged it’s eight orbiting colonies into deep space, Forced to rebuild their shattered civilisation they are seeking out a new home planet. You must guide and protect the eight survival pods through their dangerous voyage and lead them to sanctuary. — Back of Box

Datastorm is similar to the arcade game, Defender. Written by Søren Grønbech, it was inspired by Dropzone for the Commodore 64. As such, the exact gameplay deviates from Defender in that the task on each level is to carry the 8 pods through a portal, with points on completing a level for each one saved. The amount of points increases for each level: on levels 5, 9, 13 and so on, the player gets a new set of eight and the scoring resets.

Like Grønbech's Sword of Sodan, it made full use of the Amiga's hardware at a time when most games were direct ports from the Atari ST; the number of sprites moving smoothly around the screen is noteworthy. Some, including the Datastorm itself, cover almost the entire length of the screen.

Source: Wikipedia