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Score: 7.2
Players:1 - 8 (1 simultaneous)
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The smell of the surf, the sun on your back, the sand between your  toes... This isn't California Dreamin' - this is for real! Six of the  best West Coast sports designed to set your pulse racing! Wow your  friends with your incredible flying skateboard feats; or show your  cool hacking at the sack.

Skate down the boardwalk, flip the Frisbee and wheelie the BMX. And  then the ultimate test - King of Californian sports - shooting the  curl as you battle with those giant Pacific rollers to decide which  surfer truly rules the waves!

You'll be playing for big name sponsers like Pacer Skateboards, Ocean  Pacific , RAD Mag, Frisbee, Hacky Sack, Morey Boogie, Burton,  Snowboards and Bluebird.

California Games features superb graphics, all the atmosphere of the  West Coast, and one to eight players can take part. All the quality  you expect from a Epyx product is here and so much more.

So get air. Go crazy. Welcome to a new state of intensity.  — Game Box

California Games is a 1987 Epyx sports video game for many home  computers and video game consoles. Branching from their popular Summer  Games and Winter Games series, this game consisted of some sports  purportedly popular in California including skateboarding, freestyle  footbag, surfing, roller skating, flying disc (frisbee) and BMX.

The game sold very well, topping game selling charts for winter months.  It also got very positive reaction from reviewers, many of whom consider  California Games to be the last classic Epyx sports game, due to staff  changes not long after its release.

The game was followed in 1991 by California Games 2, but the sequel  failed to match the original's success.

Originally released for the Apple II and Commodore 64, this game was  very lucrative for Epyx and was released for several other platforms  over the years. It was eventually ported to Amiga, Apple IIGS,  Atari 2600, Atari ST, Atari Lynx, DOS, Sega Mega Drive, Amstrad CPC,  ZX Spectrum, Nintendo Entertainment System, MSX and Sega Master System.