Adventures in Math Amiga

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Publisher:Free Spirit
Developer:Free Spirit
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Adventures in Math is an educational game that teaches basic math concepts and covers kindergarten, first and second grade levels. Grade level can be chosen before starting a game and affects what activities the player will come across. The game takes place in a jungle that the player gets to explore by choosing different trails to follow. The aim is to earn points by finding animals and completing math challenges. When starting out the player gets a target score which has to be reached within a certain number of turns. Failing with math challenges leads to points being lost. Points can also be lost by being bitten by spiders which the player has to avoid by jumping over them.

The math challenges are as follows:

Matching with Og the ape: The ape stands in front of two coconut trees and the objective is to make the pile of coconuts on the left match the pile on the right.
Flowers: After finding four flower gardens the player has to count the number of flowers in each and point out which one has the amount that is asked for.
Hat shop: A group of monkeys stand in a line and the player has to put a hat on the monkey that is asked for.
Hanging monkeys: A group of monkeys are hanging in the jungle vines and the player's task is to match the number of monkeys to the number given.
Supply truck: Numbered boxes has to be put on the truck in sequence. The player's task is to figure out the right order.
The cave: The player enters a cave full of bats and has to figure out how many they are.
Canoes: A number of monkeys are sitting in a canoe and the player has to figure out how many they are.
High numbers: A number contest with Og the ape. Three numbers are displayed and the player has to combine them into a number that is larger than Og's.