Published and “Unpublished” Game Entries

The web interface will now clearly mark a game as “unpublished” if it is not published (= it will not appear in FS-UAE Launcher and other game browsers yet). Some of you have probably wondered why games have not appeared in your clients while still being visible on this site, and the “publish” status is why.

The game browser now defaults to only show “published” game entries, with an option to view the “unpublished” ones instead. When searching for a game by game, all entries will appear, but “unpublished” ones will be faded out.

2 thoughts on “Published and “Unpublished” Game Entries

  1. Hi. Is there any possibility to show unpublished games in the GUI version?
    On the web interface I car read

    This game entry is not “published” yet and will not appear in game browers until it is! (Edit and set publish = 1)

    What does mean edit and set publish = 1 ? Is something I can do in my account?


    • Hi, yes, you can add publish = 1 for a game on the Edit page for the game. That change will then wait for approval from an admin.

      But, starting with FS-UAE Launcher 2.9.1dev, you can also see and play “unpublished” games directly from the Launcher. See This allows you and others to test the games, and submit fixes (if necessary) before the games are made available to everyone by default 🙂

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