Rock 'N' Roll Racing Super Nintendo

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Score: N/A
Languages:English, Japanese
Developer:Silicon & Synapse
Players:1 - 2 (2 simultaneous)

Rock your way to the finish to the beat of righteous metal using all kinds of special weapons!

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Rock N' Roll Racing is an isometric racing game which originally came out in the US in 1993 for the SNES and was developed by Silicon & Synapse (now known as Blizzard). It was ported to the Genesis the following year, with an additional track.

The game is based on Silicon & Synapse's earlier RPM Racing. Rock N' Roll Racing was meant to be a sequel to RPM Racing (its tentative title was "RPM II") until the decision to include licensed heavy metal and rock and roll music came about, at which point the name was changed to take advantage of this inclusion.

Blizzard later re-released Rock N' Roll Racing on the GBA. A demo version of the game was uploaded onto their PC online service, emulated through ZSNES. The game's lasting legacy means it continues to see imitators to this day.