Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball Super Nintendo

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Publisher:Hudson Soft
Developer:Hudson Soft
Players:1 - 2 (2 simultaneous)

Destroy the competition (literally) while playing basketball under the ownership of basketball's most dirtiest player!

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This futuristic basketball game is endorsed by none other than Bill Laimbeer of the Bad Boys Detroit Pistons. The game is 5-on-5 with no rules except for out-of-bound and backcourt. The storyline is that in the year 2023 Bill Laimbeer, the most physical player to ever play in the NBA, becomes the new commisioner of the NBA. As new commisioner of the League he throws away all the old rules and make the game plays more to his liking which means basketball is to be an extremely physical game. The new League is only for those who aren't scare of contact and are tough enough to endure constant physical pain. The new NBA is extreme enough for players to wear armor to protect themselves from the new style of basketball that include hitting, shoving, punching and tackling. It's an all-new basketball game that plays like the style of extreme football. This game is contact basketball to the max. There are even weapons on the court such as bombs and saw blades that make this game one of the most violent basketball games of all time.