A.S.P.: Air Strike Patrol Super Nintendo

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Languages:English, Japanese
Developer:Optus Corp

Air Strike Patrol is an isometric, tactical jet fighter shoot 'em up developed by Opus for the SNES. It was released in Europe by System 3 Software, where it was known as Desert Fighter.

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Playing as a jet pilot of the "Coalition" force, players take control of either an F-15 Eagle, or an A-10 Tankbuster jet. The mission is to neutralise the offensive forces of the Zarak army, who have recently invaded a smaller neighbouring country. The Zarak army has many ground units, including tanks, stinger-missile launchers, SCUD missiles and armored vehicles.

To accomplish the ultimate goal of defeating the Zarak army, players venture out on numerous missions (called "sorties") that have varied and specific objectives. Typically, various installations such as radar sites, air bases or ground units are the target. Other missions include disabling an oil-pipeline and destroying SCUD launchers before they fire.

Pre-mission screens ask the player to select from the two planes. Then, the player can specify the armament to carry into the sortie. Air-to-ground and air-to-air missiles are available for each of the planes. Here, a strategic choice between countering either air units or ground units has to be made, as each area (of which there are eight) is patrolled by opposing enemy F-15 jets.

The game is played through the isometric-perspective, and the plane's speed and direction can be be adjusted in real-time. Altitude however, is fixed. A missile/bomb-target is constantly shown on the ground before the plane, allowing players to aim at units, or, with the F-15, a lock-on targeting system is available.

The game also makes use of a briefing before each mission, and also a further briefing by an animated colonel on the tarmac just before take-off. Various debriefing screens are shown also, and, if the player attains a certain strike rate, a "GNN" news story may play out. For each mission, a time-limit and minimum destruction-rate must be met. You can take-off as often as need be to attain this.