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Publisher:Microdeal (MichTron)
Languages:English, German, French
Developer:Microdeal (MichTron)
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Ha! Here's something you didn't know: you've got an uncle called Arthur. He's not from East Enders and he doesn't have a mate called Terry but he does own the mining rights to T'ngl-y-wd. Spit in my eye, eh? Isn't the world a small place guv'nor? Well, yeah, it is a small place and that is why T'ngl-y-wd isn't on it – actually. It's a 'small undistinguished planet in a remote galaxy'. Arthur didn't worry about it much until he found out that it contained some pretty valuable stones, then he shot his mouth off over a couple of pints of beer and was elbowed out by the mining company. Yup, those nice men at the mining centre have hidden Arthur's documents and re-established the planet's operational base. There's a court case in ten days and Arthur (sounds a bit like my uncle, Ripperbile) needs to find those papers or he's out on his ear.

This is definitely an arcade-style adventure weighted towards the arcade. You might find the puzzles pretty devious, but it's all a question of having the right thing at the right time. If you like your adventures grilled and ready to eat you probably won't find Tanglewood instantly appealing. You could spend ages exploring this deep and mysterious world – there must be some juicy titbits somewhere – but it takes so long to get anywhere that you might decide to throw your disk over the nearest bridge and cut your toenails instead. But watch out – you might start enjoying yourself!