Artelius Nintendo

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Publisher:Nihon Bussan
Developer:Nihon Bussan

A sci-fi themed RPG from Nihon Bussan for the Famicom, released in late 1987. It was never released outside of Japan.

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Long time ago, an advanced civilization existed in the Solar System. But one day, a black hole appeared nearby. Many people were sucked into it an transported into another dimension, which they named Artelius. It was ruled by the evil king Sarbelor, who constructed a machine named Galax, which tore the dimension into lonely asteroid-filled spaces accessed by warp points. The peace-loving scientist Dr. Rado built you, a cyborg who can travel through space, and entrusted you with the mission of finding and destroying Sarbelor.

This game is an action RPG. You navigate the hero in top-down view through space; chains of asteroids represent inaccessible areas on the map. You travel between various space areas by approaching warp points. The enemies randomly appear on the screen around you. When you contact an enemy, a battle begins. Battles are viewed from first person perspective; you are in control of a cross-hair, which you must move around the screen and press the fire button when you place it over the enemy. There are also special attacks at your disposal, which require weapon points (WP). Winning the battles gives you experience points, allowing you to gain levels ("classes") and become stronger.