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Publisher:Microtec / Big Shot
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The time is early morning; the place a usually tidy black garden, well cared for by the humans. But to your dismay you notice that your domain has become very untidy overnight. As you look up you see swarms of insects and bugs flying about mindlessly; with no apparent intentions of helping you clear up the mess. It would pear that the 'Evil-Slug' has been up to his old tricks again, and brain-washed the insects and bugs with a wicked spell. It soon dawns of you that it is going to take several days rather than hours to clean up and restore order in the garden. Quickly arming yourself with an insecticide spray gun you begin your quest.

Your task is to clear up all the trash in the garden by placing it in the trash can. When a piece of trash is picked up, it may be dropped by flying directly above the trash-can. You will see and hear the falling piece of trash. You can only pick up one piece of rubbish at a time, and you cannot drop fruits or other pick-ups into the trash can. Keep clear of the menacing bugs or blast them with your spray-gun. You cannot shoot the caterpillars which eat away at the magic mushroom. This is fair enough as they won't hurt you either. However, given enough time, they will eat up all your energy supply. Various other pick-ups may appear throughout the game. These may be worth points or help you out of a tricky situation. After tidying up each garden, and ridding it of bugs, you will be faced by a large end-of-day guardian. It is up to you to work out the best strategy to kill it or get past it.