PowerFest 94 - Super Mario Bros. - The Lost Levels Super Nintendo


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Posted by thevoice at 2020-09-03 05:56:42:

@jyanncorp for now we kept titles with more then 1 game in as seperate titles. in this case you may want to talk to @frode. if he thinks this title can be merged into the parent set, he or i will do it ofcourse.

Posted by jyanncorp at 2020-09-02 03:21:01:

@thevoice I tried the rom, this is only the 1-1 level from SMB Lost Level to do in speed-run, no menu, direct start and the game freeze when you finish the stage. I don't understand why different segments of the PowerFest cartridge get divides. But this rom is not a compilation by herself. (I don't know if I'm clear)

Posted by thevoice at 2020-09-02 03:06:49:

@jyanncorp this one is a compilation so i cant merge it into powerfest

Posted by jyanncorp at 2020-09-02 02:09:42:

@thevoice This one can be merged with :