Super Schwarzschild 2 TurboGrafx-CD

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The follow-up to Super Schwarzschild offers an original scenario that takes place after the Great Somari War. Like other Schwarzschild games, it is set in the 40th century and portrays a complex political and military situation within a star system. The events of the game take place in or around the once powerful kingdom of Istramu, which was severely weakened by the king's death. Temporary leaders replaced each other, and the instability led to a global revolt in the surrounding space. The player takes the role of various characters belonging to the resistance movement.

Like the previous game, Super Schwarzschild has less grand strategy elements than the main Schwarzschild installments, and focuses on smaller-scale military strategy and tactics. There are no diplomacy options; resource management and research are simplified. There are more belligerents and somewhat more freedom in strategic planning than in the preceding game. Battles take place on separate screens and follow a turn-based tactical model. Similarly to the predecessor, the game features extensive cutscenes and dialogue that advance the plot.