Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor DOS

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Posted by FrodeSolheim at 2020-10-08 09:38:06:

@tomse I can understand the desire to keep things in chronological order wink

But, it is not desired in this case; Because some interfaces might want to limit to fewer screenshots, possibly even just one, it is important that (especially) the first screenshot is a gameplay screenshot.

So, screenshots should be sorted in order of importance rather than time. It's not a hard rule, but at least screenshot 1 should be main gameplay.

Posted by tomse at 2020-10-06 23:34:44:

@thevoice it was intentional to have the title/intro/char creation and game play in correct order. I'll try and keep it in mind with the mouse pointers next time smiley

Posted by thevoice at 2019-09-14 18:07:52:

@tomse: i moved 2 screenshots to get the character creaton screen from spot #1. and as a tip, try to park the mouse pointer on a single color spot of the screen and remove it there before uploading the screenshot smiley