Sixth Sense Investigations CD32

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Posted by Enzo at 2013-04-24 07:10:04:

The amiga cd version is m3 en-de-it, worked in FS-UAE.

Posted by Enzo at 2013-04-24 06:01:31:

Yes is the same version.

Posted by TCD at 2013-04-24 05:20:53:

I'll ask Frode to insert it later smiley Where have you got your version from? I got mine from the EAB file server: Sixth Sense Investigations (1998)(Epic).7z

Posted by Enzo at 2013-04-24 05:02:23:

Great adventure.The first time I started the game I set the configuration to the maximum, CHIP-SLOW-FAST RAM, worked.There is the possibility to insert it into the database?

Posted by TCD at 2013-04-23 09:39:03:

More information about the configuration: