Oxxonian Amiga

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Publisher:Time Warp (Rainbow Arts)
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Oxxonian's people are under attack from the super-villain Zargo. Using a Transnuclear Hypernipple device he beams some fearsome enemies from a parallel dimension, who can see thorough his plan to wreck life as the Oxxonians know it - making them unable to eat their staple food, popcorn gateaus.

In order to fix the situation, the player has to explore mazes, shoot enemies and find food, new weapons, money and tools. Badly all these things are hidden in boxes, of which there are several types. Opening boxes is not very easy: only if three boxes of one kind are standing beside each other, they open. The player can push and pull boxes (like Sokoban).

Energy is decreasing constantly and therefore a constant time pressure is on the player.