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A newly uploaded file will by default only be private to you. After it is uploaded you can alter visibility type and also modify file name and tags.

Files you can upload here include:

  • High-res scans (for preservation).
  • Manuals and other game documentation.
  • Actual game files (for distributable games).

To add covers for display purposes, go to the edit tab instead.

The uploaded files are downloadable as is, without any processing or watermarking.

If you upload scans and have retouched / cropped / fixed them, please consider uploading a pristine scan as well for archival and preservation purposes.

File / TagsSize / TypeUploader
Map-en.tif255060 KiBtomse
Tags: map otherscanTIF 11592 x 10711
Map (en).jpg5487 KiBtomse
Tags: docs:map-en map otherscanJPG 4096 x 3785
Advertisement (en).pdf57228 KiBtomse
Tags: docs:advertisement-en otherdocPDF
Registration-Card (en).pdf275 KiBtomse
Tags: docs:registration-card-en otherdocPDF
Reference Card (en).pdf309 KiBtomse
Tags: docs:reference-card-en otherdocPDF
Instruction Manual (en).pdf2429 KiBtomse
Tags: defaultdoc docs:instruction-manual-en manualPDF
Box Front.tif61936 KiBtomse
Tags: front otherscan pristineTIF 4752 x 4756
Box Back.tif17915 KiBtomse
Tags: back box otherscan pristineTIF 4688 x 4680

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File name:

You can change the file name to anything, but please keep the correct file extension. For docs, you should add languages in parantheses, for example: Manual (en, de).pdf.


If you are adding a game document and want it to appear in the "Docs" section, you need to add a tag starting with docs: and ending with the desired link name. The tag should look something like this: docs:quick-reference-en-de.

Scan-related tags: pristine, front, back, disk, manual, codewheel, otherdoc, otherscan. defaultdoc. ocr. cassettecover.

Other tags: featured gamefile (e.g. ADF), delete (adding this will delete the file!),


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