Gauntlet III: The Final Quest Amiga

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Score: 7.5
Publisher:U.S. Gold
Developer:Software Creations
Players:1 - 2 (2 simultaneous)
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Enter the mystical world of Capra, the land of eight kingdoms and  battle against the forces of evil unleashed by a demon king. Each  kingdom must be freed from the legions of darkness before you can  confront the demon king himself in a battle where there can only be  ONE survivor.... — Game Box

Gauntlet III: The Final Quest is a home computer game by U.S. Gold  and Tengen it was released in 1991 for the following systems; Amiga,  Atari ST, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC. It was released one  year after Gauntlet: The Third Encounter which was for the Atari Lynx.  Besides the standard four main Gauntlet characters, Thor, Thyra, Merlin,  and Questor, four new playable characters were available: Petras, a rock  man; Dracolis, a lizard man; Blizzard, an ice man; and Neptune, a Merman. The game is viewed from an isometric perspective and includes a  two-player cooperative multiplayer mode.


Gauntlet III is an original game with an isometric projection type  view that would later be used in Gauntlet Legends and other Gauntlet  games made after Legends. Its view is much like that of Solstice and  games made with the Filmation engine. The player walks around various  areas of each kingdom, with five areas for each of the eight kingdoms  giving a total of 40 areas.[4] The locations can be traversed from one  area to the next. Places like the forest and castle dungeons have  obstacles such as logs and tables blocking the player's path,  creating a maze-like area. Each area has at least one doorway  or pathway to the next. At times certain things must be done  in order to advance into the next area. To avoid the player being  lost the programers created a hand that appears from time to time,  holding a note to remind the player what they are supposed to do; this  clue feature is also an option to call up the clues. Another feature  programed into the game is a combination lock key code for which the  player must consult a code wheel packaged with the game, needed to  open certain doors; if someone made a pirated version of the game  they wouldn't be able to get past that portion of the game without  the Combination Key.

The enemies in this version, as in other Gauntlet games, come mostly  from generators that keep producing the enemies until the generators  are destroyed.

Other elements from the series also make an appearance, such as  potions that make enemies disappear or weaken them, food (both good  and poisonous), invincibility amulets, and treasure chests, some of  which can contain traps or other items the player would need.