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In the followup to Das Telekommando, the promotional adventure game made for Deutsche Telekom, you play as a telecom serviceman (or servicewoman) who must repair a video conference connection at the headquarters of a nature protection association. It soon turns out that there has been a sabotage, with everything from the air conditioning to the lifts and telephones being put out of action. You have only your mobile phone and your toolbox to help you out. 

First you must repair the lift, then you can roam more freely, talking to the workers of the house, finding clues and performing repairs. The game is very non-technical, and has a very relaxed relation to its sponsor, with the main character sometimes talking like a proud state employee (this was in 1993), rather than a telephone salesman, directly to the player. Still, most puzzles and their solutions revolve around early-90s high tech such as modems, faxes, satellite equipment, mobile phones and videotex terminals. 

Telekommando II is a short point-and-click adventure that takes place entirely within the confines of one building. You have your typical inventory and list of verbs at the bottom. There are only 7 verbs at your disposal. One difference compared to the LucasArts adventures is that you can't walk your character around the screen. He or she will only walk when it's necessary for completing an action you've chosen.