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Publisher:Amiga Format
Players:1 - 2 (2 simultaneous)
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This it an Amiga conversion of the classic Frogger that saw its birth in 1981. Croak 2 attempts to simulate, as accurately as possible, one of the most fascinating stages in the lifecycle of the Australian Cane Toad. As everyone knows (I didn't), the eggs of the Cane Toad are laid within the carcasses of dead sheep. The tadpoles quickly mature in this nutrient-rich environment, and soon there's a multitude of young toads, ready to begin their famous migration to the nearest creek or river bed. This journey frequently takes them across busy roads and rivers, whose erratic currents and high toxicity defy the bulky toad's best attempts at swimming.

If you can't remember, or if you have never played the game before (where have you been?), the basic idea of the game is to get your frog from one side of the road (at the bottom of the screen), over the river and into your home (at the top of the screen). To complete a level you must dodge cars and jump on logs, while avoiding snakes, alligators and otters. Bonuses are awarded for getting the bugs that momentarily appear, escorting lady frogs to their home and getting five frogs safely home.