Corx Amiga

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Players:1 - 4 (2 simultaneous)
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It's obviously very easy to ruin a simple and addictive game by over complicating matters, and that's exactly what Starbyte have done. OK, so it's technically impressive, and it looks exciting, but the simplistic gameplay doesn't lend itself to such an over-polished production. The computer opponent is the final nail in the coffin. He's not offensively intelligent, so he rarely attempts top trap you, but once you've got him in a corner, he prcisely covers every single square available to him which takes an age. It's immposible for a human player to act with such accuracy at ridiculous speeds, so the computer player invariably wins.

So, if you're still gaggin' for a decent version of Tron, check out the public domain market. I'm quite sure you'll find a more enjoyable and much cheaper version than this feeble offering.