Burnout Amiga

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Posted by Ozymandias81 at 2018-12-16 20:03:33:

The warning seens to let me prevent recognize WHDload preconfigured installs for this game, so I thought it's better to keep it 2mb chip. Also for consistency reason I guess the chipmem setting should be included since all configs where they need chipmem requirement are defined, so I think this should be set as is: with default chipmem smiley

Posted by thevoice at 2017-05-25 17:37:56 (Updated 2017-06-26 11:03:29):

WHDLoad, v1.0, AGA

Increased the fast ememory to 64mb to avoid flickering on loading. 32mb would be enough tho smiley

Posted by thevoice at 2017-05-25 17:31:38 (Updated 2017-06-26 11:03:24):

Removed the global chipmem requirement. which is only 2 instead of 2048. this will cause the launcher to show a warning on start.