Burning Rubber Amiga

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Posted by mishRa at 2022-12-20 19:00:33:

I think the two game entries "Burning Rubber" and "Burning Rubber AGA" got really mixed up. Hall of Light says to differentiate: "Min. Requirements: OCS/ECS chipset, 2MB ram [rather than AGA/2MB chipram as suggested by the game specs 'A1200 2MB chipram req.' stated in the original release contents]." Both games will only require OCS/ECS. WHDLoad also does not differentiate based on the graphics chips, but based on "Enhanced 2MB" and standard.

Posted by abuehler at 2016-09-04 14:06:30:

WHD v1.3 needs an AGA configuration and is wrongly recognized (I guess from the AGA set) in this OCS/ECS set.

Posted by TCD at 2013-05-05 09:47:08:

TODO: "WHDLoad, v1.3, RipDisk2, To delete" needs to be removed.