Armour-Geddon II: Codename Hellfire Amiga

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Score: 7.5
Players:1 - 2 (1 simultaneous)

Sequel to the previous 3D combat/strategy game from Psygnosis, in Armour-Geddon 2 your challenge is to defend the survivors of an apocalyptic disaster on earth, by destroying a satellite which aims to destroy the planet.

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The game involves lots of resource management, as the neccessities to build equipment must be mined, new designs must be researched, and factory facilities are required to build them. Pre-defined missions are also handed out, including capturing strategic points and delivering resources.

The actual battles take place manually in 3D, with multiple units under your control at a time, although you switch between them rather than controlling them all at once as in the Team Yankee series. The vehicles on offer include tanks, planes, hovercrafts and helicopters, all handling in considerable depth. If you have a spare Amiga, a null-modem cable and a friend, he/she can control units at the same time to help you out.