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Score: 8.2
Publisher:Ocean / Maxis
Languages:English, cs, German, French, Polish
Developer:The Dreamers Guild

Play the part of the head of a railroad company, with the aim of creating a railroad empire, providing a successful mass transit system that will be an inspiration to the rest of the world.

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A-Train is a series of train simulation video games that were originally developed and published by Japanese game developer Artdink in Japan. The first game in the series was published in 1985. The first release in the United States was Take the A-Train II, published in 1988 by the Seika Corporation under the title Railroad Empire. However, the most well known U.S. release is Take the A-Train III, published in 1992 by Maxis as simply A-Train.

The game was tremendously popular in Japan, thus motivating Maxis to license it for US distribution as A-Train, available for DOS, Macintosh and Amiga platforms. It was released in October 1992, though it sold poorly. Even the release of an add-on pack for the game failed to stir up any real support amongst the gaming community. The game was the first major failure from Maxis.

Source: Wikipedia