Quest for Glory Amiga

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Posted by thevoice at 2019-05-20 14:53:50:

al screenshots were taken by enzo.

Posted by thevoice at 2019-05-20 14:50:21:

i will prepare a merge from hero's quest into quest for glory. once frode have approved it,both will appear under quest for glory.

Posted by aabdd902 at 2019-05-19 23:21:29:

Yep the problem is if you have the 1.3 WHDload version it matches this entry in the DB so you don't get any metadata or screenshots in the FS-UAE launcher. But if you have an ADF or older WHDload version it matches Hero's Quest.

Posted by thevoice at 2019-05-17 15:11:23:

i agree with that. but actually i dont know if frode wants to have amiga titles merged like the console ones. i also would merge hero's quest into quest for glory because ther eis quest for glory ii also.

Posted by aabdd902 at 2019-05-17 05:33:38:

Should be merged with