Postman Pat 3 - To the Rescue Amiga

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Publisher:Alternative [R&R]
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Postman Pat 3 is a conversion of a Amstrad CPC/Atari ST game of the same name, which concludes the Postman Pat series that started out quite promisingly in 1988.

In the game you are (of course) Postman Pat, driving around in your red van to deliver mail to people's houses. Your task, similar to Paperboy, is to deliver all these mail within a given time limit. The problem is that the game gives you no clue of where the person lives, so you have to drive around town to find the correct location. Along the way, you have to dodge the roadworks as well as reckless drivers who drive on the wrong side of the road. You'll also need to stop at the garage to fill up the van with petrol once in a while.

The problem with Postman Pat 3 is that the game gets repetitive very quickly. On the easy mode, all the hazards are in the same place, so it's just a question of memorizing when they occur. On the hard mode, the game becomes more challenging, but without any variety to liven up the boring gameplay. Only die-hard fans of the TV series will probably enjoy the game. If you are interested in driving/delivery action, play Paperboy instead of this average old game.