Mikro Mortal Tennis Amiga

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Publisher:Epic Marketing
Languages:English, Spanish, Italian
Players:1 - 2 (2 simultaneous)
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As you can guess from the title, Mikro Mortal Tennis is basically founded on tennis game, but its goal is to eliminate your opponents, not simply to defeat them! To this purpose, players might make use of loads of Mortal-Kombat and Street-Fighter-like special moves, in addition to many others, directly taken from lots of famous videogames or films. Besides, there are bombs, Fire'n'forget rockets, heat-seeking missiles at their complete disposal... The game boasts an amusing animated intro which will explain the reason of such a strange tournamnet - by the way, your order is to climb a high mountain, just like the second episode of the Mortal Kombat saga; moreover, it features several victory and defeat pictures and an even more crazy final sequence than the intro!

Players can choose their characters from a range of twelve different guys, each distinguished with typical characteristics, which can be edited in the proper menu. Beyond every human conceiving, the game is spangled with lots of mad things, like referee-slaughtering, animals which will appear in the field, VIPs which will perform during the match, and a mysterious tapir named Fart (main character of the game, as you can be able to guess from the introduction) which will perform in a number of funny anims. At the beginning of the match the players will enter the field and choose the field in which play with an incredible money trowing!

Of course, the sporting side of the game is not to be underestimated. You'll always have to win your match! From this point of view, the game is classically structured: pitch type, number of sets to win, type of game (single, double or training), as well as the type of tournament to join; you'll be able to select, in addition to the above-mentioned MK-style tournament, an UNFRIENDLY tournament in which up to eight human players are allowed to take part, or a full season, where player will have to win as much as possible to travel all over the world, and in order to buy weapons and points which will help him in his short career. It's possible to save and subsequently restore your season from disc as well as every change made in the players editing menu, where you're able to change the name, the characteristics and the shirt colour of all the characters... Well, that's all, there's nothing left but wishing you to enjoy Mikro Mortal Tennis! Mikro Mortal Tennis supports all Amiga models with at least 1 Meg of Ram.