Magic Serpent Amiga

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Publisher:Software 2000
Players:1 - 2 (1 simultaneous)
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A snake crawling through all kinds of labyrinths, feeds with the surrounding fruit and becomes longer and longer until it bites itself accidentally into the tail. Is it familiar?

Pity on Software 2000 pushing old idea as a brand new game, however, presentation is nice and a bit of fun. There are a total of 100 labyrinths, which are distinguished by the position of the walls and their design. You have to complete each level within certain time limit and for each one time get's shorter. Snake is quite responsive to joystick input.

In terms of presentation, Magic Serpent is decent: The scrolling is not jerky, the graphics are of classic simplicity, and during the game there is no music to be heard, but only sounds. But it's fun anyway, and if you like Snake games, you can download it right now (Machine Translated from German).